February 25, 2020
How to choose the right voice for your video voiceover

You’ve got a great video and now it just needs the cherry on top, a great sounding voice over.

After researching the differences between doing it yourself and hiring a professional you made the wise decision to use the skills of a voice actor to give your video a crisp, expert finish.
How do you then go about selecting the right person to enhance your project?

Firstly it’s important to have an in depth understanding of your videos aims.

  • What are you advertising?
  • Where is it going to be advertised?
  • What sort of people is the intended audience?

All of these questions with some consideration should lead you to develop an image of what sort of voice would be suitable for your video, and who would be a bad fit!

For an example: You are making an explainer video on WW2 replica models. You know it is going to be shown on the manufacturers website to assist people with common construction problems. Are you going to choose a professional sounding 45 year old male voice? Or will you go with a bubbly 22 year old female voice? The older male voice of course!

Seems obvious written down but so many clients have a hard time hitting the right tone.

Then it’s time to find your voice! There are many freelance voice artists to choose from. You will need to hear samples of the persons work, check their reviews and customer testimonials then organize studio time. After all those tasks are done you can get stuck into rehearsing, recording, revising and editing your script.

Starting to sound like hard work?

Make your own selection a little easier by enlisting the services of a professional voice over company. They have already vetted and hired quality voice actors to add their portfolio. So you can be sure you are getting nothing but the very best for your project. If you are having a hard time pinning down exactly what type of voice would suit they are also experts in interpreting scripts and concepts. No need to worry about complicated techniques and recording, voice over companies have access to the very best equipment and studios.

Make hiring the perfect voice talent a breeze with a professional voice over company like VidVoices.com/

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