February 18, 2020
What’s the best way to convey information on video?

As wonderful as video is, it is not always enough on its own. If your video is having a hard time explaining concepts or conveying information through clips and music alone, you may need to consider the addition of a script.

There are three ways to use a script to communicate a message when creating a business, training or product video.

  • Use an on-camera personality.
  • Use text overlaid on image / video.
  • Or use a voiceover.

Every video will be different and what works best for each one will vary from brief to brief. So let’s run through these three and weigh up the pros and cons to see what will work best for you!

  • On-camera personality.

This option can be great if you need an explainer of someone using a product, or if your video is a little light on engaging images or clips. Be careful that you have chosen a presenter who accurately fits with your image, is natural on camera and is great at emotive storytelling. This is not the time to throw a wooden, stilted employee in front of the camera.

  • Text overlaid.

This is ideal for video where only a small amount of key information is needed, perhaps a place name or product name.
Try not to clutter up the screen with a lot of text vying for attention with your carefully chosen clips, the viewers mind will have a hard time switching back and forth trying to take a lot of information in. Also keep in mind literacy, not everyone has the ability to read quickly or see text against complex backgrounds. If you have a lot of information to give, one of the other methods will work better for you.

  • Voiceovers.

The most versatile of all the methods, voiceover will work for nearly every video. It does not compete for screen time like an on camera personality, or detract from what’s happening onscreen like overlaid text. Voice over can be used a little or as much as is needed to explain and punctuate the action onscreen. Choosing the right voice is key, one that can emote with timing and rhythm while remaining clear and on brand.

For a voice over to complement your video get on contact with VidVoices.com/, they are sure to find the right professional voice to suit your video amongst their range of voice actors.




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