February 7, 2020
How to create an effective explainer video?
The impact an explainer video applies on your online marketing strategy is exceptionally high if it is done perfectly. For an explainer video to become effective, a few basic tasks should be completed. Making an explainer video is not a DIY task unless you have the knowledge and skills required. There are certain things required for an effective end result. It can be a challenging task putting everything in order. Here we have provided a guideline for those who wish to create an effective explainer video.


Know your clients

Before anything else, you need to know your customers brand. You must know the types of issues they generally face in regards to their products or services. The best way to study this is to do a comprehensive survey. Prepare a questionnaire to find out their most prominent issues.


Build a perfect script

There should be a strong script to emphasize your product or service. If you are not 100% comfortable with writing the script, hire an expert. Since you are going to address your potential clients with this script, it is compulsory for an explainer video to have a well structured, concise and strong script. Build the outline of the script covering the most important details you found via the survey conducted and then expand the contents accordingly. However, it is important to keep a unique vidvoices talent in mind during the creation of the script.


Find the perfect vidvoices talent

When you are satisfied with the script, it is time to find the ideal vidvoices talent to voice your script. No matter how strong your script or the video content, a lot depends on the voice you select to read the script. Do some research online and find a professional experience firm that offer voiceover talents. Be sure to read their customer testimonials also!

Important: Never try to do it by yourself if you are not a talented voiceover talent.


Select a video producer

You have completed a major portion of the process by this stage. Now it is about finding a firm that offers explainer videos. There are various firms that provide this service; but find someone that has a professional history and experience. Most of these companies are capable of building couple of samples to match the script and the voiceover just after referring the contents you already have in hand.


It is time to test

This is the obvious final step of your explainer video. First see it for yourself and see if you get convinced. Track the statistics of the video and see if your viewers really like it. There are lots of tools to detect if your viewers leave your video before it ends. Utilize all these information and do necessary adjustments (if necessary) to boost sales conversion.

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