March 31, 2020
Behind The Scenes of a Voiceover
How much effort, preparation and overall work are actually involved in being a professional voiceover artist? Also, how much exertion does it take in order to achieve professional standard acoustic results?

The truth is that being a voiceover artist, is often quite a thankless task – that is, until (and unless) that artist gets to a credible ‘seasoned’ or ‘celebrated’ status over time or with exposure. Often, many voiceover artists are asked to work for ridiculously low prices and very high expectations, which is why it’s important to understand the legwork behind the artistic passion and make no mistake, voice work is truly an art!

Today anyone with a high-grade microphone and sound proof booth or room can easily imitate professional outcomes, but can a great set-up replace talent? Not really! Many voiceover artists also work other jobs either in the creative field (as actors, writers, musicians, you name it) or in industry and services to support their craft.

To graduate to the professional place where you are taken seriously as a voiceover artist is often an arduous, struggle-bound climb from near obscurity to relative recognition. That’s why it’s vital to treat your voiceover service provider (or artists) well. Once you get talent on-hand, it’s important to appreciate that specially honed skill-set, as it’s not just any kind of novice talent.

In relation to professional voiceover productions and outcomes, the truth is that the concept and delivery process is quite routine and simple – once the scope of work is clear, and ultimate professionals know how to maximize results by testing and trialing vocal dynamic techniques, for impact, style and tone purposes.

There’s really no equivalent or comparison to a dedicated professional in the voiceover industry, so be sure to hold on tight when you find great talent!

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